Servicing & Repairs

Using top quality lubricants and parts, we will service and repair your vehicle to the highest standards.

Although we specialise in German vehicles, we are equipped to service and repair most makes and models and currently maintain several fleets of non-German vehicles for local businesses.

Diagnostics and Brand Specific Data

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment including oscilloscope technology enables us to diagnose your vehicle quickly and efficiently. We have access to brand specific data from the manufacturers which improves our accuracy of repairs.


The ECU in a modern vehicle, together with advanced engine technology, makes it possible to control many aspects of an engine’s operation. We can remap the ECU to achieve:

Increased Power
Improved Fuel Efficiency
Better Driveability

Walnut Blasting

Many modern vehicles will, over time, experience a build-up of carbon inside the engine which causes many problems and can eventually lead to major engine failure. We are able to blast away the carbon and prolong the life of your engine.